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How can you avoid being paralyzed by fear, when you're small and everyone tells you you can't make it? The key is OUTPERFORMANZ. A show with a message of empowerment for the audience: to overcome fear and be able to do what seems impossible. 
Seeking self-confidence and helped by the support of the audience, Patty will make it to the top. Sharing along the way the joy of constantly overcoming the deepest fears. 
Because no matter how difficult it may seem, no matter how big is the globe, no matter how crazy is the idea, Patty manages to conquer, by effort and illusion, feats that many would believe unattainable for her. 

Because if they tell you that you're not capable, you have to make them see that they were wrong





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Standard duration: 50-60 minutes adaptable.  
Suitable for all audiences, it is family show, customized for the theater and the street. It is not a children's show since it requires the presence of adults among the audience to make it happen.
It is a show based above all on the interaction with the audience and the laughter, using clown routines, physical humor and a lot of dance. It also features acrobatic numbers, balloon manipulation and the Giant Balloon trick.

PUBLIC. This performance is for family audiences. Suitable outdoors and indoors, in any case it would need an easy access to the public zone, to be able to interact. 
STAGE SPACE: Type of stage space: Italian-style or circle. Dimensions of the scenic space: Minimum width 4m. Optimum 6m. Minimum depth 4m. Optimum 6m. Minimum height 4m. Optimum 5m. 
STAGE LIGHTNING: No specifications, except a  frontal light for the proper development of the spectacle.
SOUND. Power of the equipment: 300 w. (minimum) Optimum 1000 w. The sound equipment can be provided by the artist. The show will have its own sound technician for its correct functioning Wireless microphone headband and sound player provided by the artist. Required: Canon/xlr input for mic and Minijack 3.5mm for the player.
TIME REQUIREMENTS. Unlading: 10 min. approx. Staging: 30 min. Duration of the show 50-60 min. Dismantling and loading: 20 min. Approx.
OTHER NEEDS. Desirable: Dressing room and bathroom. Parking space.



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